What's New

  • Journal of Animal Science publishes "The environmental and economic impact of removing productivity-enhancing technologies from U.S. beef production"
  • New research reveals unintended environmental and economic consequences of U.S. beef farmers and ranchers not using technologies
  • Beef-production environmental sustainability improved – release & summary
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About the Sustainable Beef Resource Center

The Sustainable Beef Resource Center (SBRC) is comprised of marketing and technical representatives from leading global animal-health companies. Members are committed to partnering with third-party and industry experts to develop factual, science-based information about the important role that sustainable beef production technologies play in conventional beef production.

We encourage you to utilize the information and resources we develop to help educate all members of the food chain. And if you have specific questions or issues that we can help you address or you want to learn more about how you can support or become a member of the SBRC, please contact us.

Our mission

The Sustainable Beef Resource Center is a single-purpose team focused on supporting the use of technology to provide safe, affordable, wholesome beef produced sustainably.