What's New

  • Journal of Animal Science publishes "The environmental and economic impact of removing productivity-enhancing technologies from U.S. beef production"
  • New research reveals unintended environmental and economic consequences of U.S. beef farmers and ranchers not using technologies
  • Beef-production environmental sustainability improved – release & summary
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Do you have members, customers, suppliers or business partners who need fact-based information about how beef is produced? Or perhaps you have specific questions about animal-care and beef-raising technologies and their safety, economic aspects or impact on the environment?

Well, you've landed at the right place. The Sustainable Beef Resource Center (SBRC) has a single purpose — to provide useful, science-based information to the entire food chain. Our focus is on filling information gaps about how beef technologies and sustainable beef-raising practices help produce safe, wholesome, affordable food while using fewer natural resources.

We work with a number of third-party experts to develop white papers, talking points, fact sheets and more — ultimately providing a one-stop information resource for associations, coalitions, academia and all other food-chain stakeholders about how beef-technology innovations bring tangible value to global consumers. Be sure to check out SBRC’s existing resources and, with a number of studies and projects in progress, sign up for SBRC's e-alerts, follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Although new content in no longer being added to this educational website, please feel free to use this science-based information. Print copies of some of the resources continue to be available.