What's New

  • Journal of Animal Science publishes "The environmental and economic impact of removing productivity-enhancing technologies from U.S. beef production"
  • New research reveals unintended environmental and economic consequences of U.S. beef farmers and ranchers not using technologies
  • Beef-production environmental sustainability improved – release & summary
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Do you have members, customers, suppliers or business partners who need fact-based information about how beef is produced? Or perhaps you have specific questions about animal-care and beef-raising technologies and their safety, economic aspects or impact on the environment?

Well, you've landed at the right place. The Sustainable Beef Resource Center (SBRC) has a single purpose — to provide useful, science-based information to the entire food chain. Our focus is on filling information gaps about how beef technologies and sustainable beef-raising practices help produce safe, wholesome, affordable food while using fewer natural resources.

We work with a number of third-party experts to develop white papers, talking points, fact sheets and more — ultimately providing a one-stop information resource for associations, coalitions, academia and all other food-chain stakeholders about how beef-technology innovations bring tangible value to global consumers. Be sure to check out SBRC’s existing resources and, with a number of studies and projects in progress, sign up for SBRC's e-alerts, follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook for the latest updates.